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Polly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Front PackagePolly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Back Package
Brand Name Polly Pocket
Subcategory Playset
Manufacturer's Title Happy Flyers
Year Released 1996
Manufacturer's Stock Number 17922
Manufacturer Mattel, Bluebird
Individual Parts 2
Package Copy (Text) "Join me and my friends for a carnival adventure with high flyin' fun!"


 PART 1 - Playset

Polly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Closed PlaysetPolly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Open Playset
 Dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 x 4 (inches)
Description Pink, Purple, Yellow and Gold Carnival Ride with Ice Cream Parlor Tent Playset. A carnival ride ice cream parlor tent , park bench with pond and boats. The rocket side section with three seats and fits over the pond. The ice cream parlor tent lift to reveal cashier and ice cream parlor, the rubbish bin lift its lid, the ice cream parlor tent front doors open, the remote control boat in pond swivels, and twist canopy of rocket ride to spin and elevate rockets.
Variants One Known Variant
Markings Bluebird Toys 1996


 PART 2 - Doll Figure (Polly Pocket)

Polly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Polly
 Dimensions 1"
Description Polly Pocket has a blond hair in poytail on top of head and turquoise scrunchy and headband. She is wearing a short sleeved white blouse with dark pink flower, lavender pants and orange shoes. 
Variants None Known
Markings BBT (C) 96


 PART 3 - Doll Figure (Summer)

Polly Pocket 1996 MIP Happy Flyers Summer
 Dimensions 1"
Description Summer has a brown hair parted in center and in flip style. She is wearing a pink short sleeved shirt, light blue jumper with straps and lavender shoes. She is holding a silver ice cream scoop.
Variants None Known
Markings BBT (C) 96

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